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What is the best physical planner and why?

operations planning weekly roundup Oct 02, 2020

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What is the best physical planner and why?

Garrett -
 I'm a huge fan of the Momentum Planners by Productive Flourishing. It does a great job of helping you create goals and a vision for the year, and then breaking them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily chunks. This allows me to see whether what I'm doing on a daily basis is working toward my weekly goals, whether what I'm doing weekly is helping me accomplish my monthly goals, etc. It's simple and straightforward. I personally use their digital version, but the physical notebook is a great option as well.

Monthly and weekly planning at a glance

Erin I just got a Clever Fox and so far I’m loving it! It has lots of places to do goal planning, mind mapping, monthly review, and of course the monthly and weekly planning.

Sherry I am heading into year three of Passion Planner and I love it. I’ve tried a few others. I love being able to see my weeks and months at a glance and the goal planning pages. Highly recommend!

Consider what's most important to you

Julianne One recommendation I would make, as I go into coaching mode 😉, is to think about your perfect planner and what you want in it. Which features are a must, what does the layout look like, etc.

If you compared the Passion planner and Clever fox you will see that their weekly layouts are different. That could make all the difference. Know what you want exactly because as a planner, I know you'll be unhappy if it's not what you like. I have a passion planner but I see now they've changed the layout since I last purchased one. The new layout doesn't work for me so now I'll need to change. Things to consider...

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