Your CRASH COURSE for Building Your Financial Coaching Business

13 quick sessions to help you determine
if becoming a financial coach is right for you.

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Understand what being an owner of a financial coaching business means.

Your Service

Understand what it means to develop and price a compelling service.

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Branding & Advertising

Understand what it will take to promote your business.

Acquiring Clients

Understand the sales process beyond just creating sales pitches and good meetings.

Crash Course COVERS:

13 Quick Sessions of Guidance Designed To:

  • Help you identify if this is right for you
  • Build your confidence that you can do this
  • Get your ready to start a financial coaching business
  • Set you up for success
Overview of Building Your Business
  • What is Financial Coaching?
  • The Path to Entrepreneurship
  • Creating a (Useful) Business Plan
Overview of Developing Your Offering
  • Understanding and Using Your Why
  • How to Identify an Ideal Client
  • Developing Your Service Offering
Overview of Marketing Your Business
  • Setting Your Prices
  • Creating Your Brand
  • Developing Your Marketing Materials
Overview of Growing Your Business
  • Creating Your Sales Pitch
  • What to Expect: Garrett’s Journey
  • Next Steps For Your Business

Note: Crash Course is included with a Launch Membership

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Josh Escalante-Troesh


Josh has over two-decades experience guiding entrepreneurs as a business consultant, Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance, and fiduciary financial advisor for business owners.

He has been a C-Level Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for a credit union and has owned numerous businesses himself. 

Garrett Philbin


Garrett built a successful financial coaching business, growing it to $80k+ revenue in the first five years, and is the founder of a community of thousands of aspiring and current financial coaches.

He regularly coaches financial coaches on starting their businesses, defining their coaching process, and showing up authentically in their work.

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