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Garrett Philbin
Joshua Escalante Troesh

Joshua Escalante Troesh

Josh has over two-decades experience guiding entrepreneurs as a business consultant, Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance, and fiduciary financial advisor for business owners.
Professor & Personal Finance Expertise

Joshua is a Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance, a Certified Financial Planner, and basically nerds out on this stuff.

  • Developed Personal Finance curriculum adopted by numberous California Community Colleges and approved as General Education by the Cal State University system.
  • Ranked #1* Financial Advisor nationally by Investopedia Advisor Insights
  • Founder of Purposeful Finance, a financial planning nonprofit that provides resources to over a quarter million people annually.

Media Quotes

Josh is regularly quoted on personal finance topics including in:

  • Forbes
  • Consumer Reports
  • US News & World Report
  • CNBC
  • And many other me

Entrepreneurial Expertise

Josh specializes in working with business owners on growing their businesses and has owned a dozen businesses himself. Some he has done very well with, and others he's lost up to half a million dollars on. He's totally open to talking about that one if you ask him.

Marketing Expertise

From 1995 to 2008 Josh had a career in marketing. Most recently, as a Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for a credit union he took the CU from flat growth to the top 0.5% (one half of one percent) of credit unions nationally for membership and loan growth and led the development of a Sales and Service Culture.


Garrett Philbin

Garrett built a successful financial coaching business, growing it to $80k+ revenue in the first four years, and is the founder of a community of thousands of aspiring and current financial coaches.
Financial Coaching Thought Leader

Garrett is a thought leader in the developing financial coaching industry, having written the article on financial coaching for - the leading financial advising industry blog. He also founded and runs the Financial Coaches Community, a group of thousands of financial coaches and aspiring coaches. 

Experience Walking Your Journey

Garrett knows what it means to build a financial coaching business from scratch, having built his own Be Awesome Not Broke business to $81,000 in annual revenues over the first four years.

Coacher of Coaches

Garrett regularly coaches financial coaches on starting their businesses, defining their coaching process, and showing up authentically in their work.


*Ranked #1 advisor on Investopedia Advisor Insights November 2018 to July 2019 when Investopedia discontinued Advisor Insights. Investopedia Advisor Insights ranking based upon the helpfulness of answers to questions posted on the Investopedia website as voted by Investopedia’s audience. Ranking does not consider investment returns, client satisfaction, or other factors. Registration as an investment advisor refers to legal licensing of the advisor and does not imply a certain level of skill or training.