#31: Should I list my prices on my website?

Season #1

Episode 31: Should I list my prices on my website?

Today, join Josh and Garrett as they discuss the hot topic of whether or not to list prices on your website! 

Key takeaways:

  1. A lot of our decisions are based on driving away hypothetical, mythical clients…who don’t exist in the first place!
  2. If you approach the decision from the lens of consumerism (aka what’s best for the client), it’s pretty clear that maximum price transparency is the best path. US healthcare is a great example of the mess that a lack of transparency can cause.
  3. If you approach the decision from the lens of protecting your time, it’s also clear that sharing prices is the way to go. If you charge $700 for a package, some are going to immediately think it’s overpriced or underpriced and won’t schedule the call, thus not wasting both of your time.
  4. Don’t save all the good stuff for the sales conversation! Put it on your website! Put it on your website AND talk about it in the sales call!
  5. You may lose PROSPECTS by sharing prices, but you won’t lose clients. Also, you never know how many prospects you’re losing by NOT having prices on your website.

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