#42: When is debt good?

Season #1

Episode 42: When is debt good?

Let’s talk about…debt! Josh and Garrett discuss the practicalities of debt while taking the emotion and value judgments out (hopefully!).

Top 4 takeaways:

  1. Money today is worth more money than the same amount would be in the future.
  2. How do you determine if debt is good or bad? Ask “Will my/your financial situation be better or worse at the end of the debt payoff period?”
  3. Mortgages and student loans both often lead to dramatic wealth-building opportunities (a house where your entire investment, not just downpayment, has probably appreciated over the term of the mortgage OR a degree that hopefully opens up higher-paying job opportunities).
  4. Debt can be used in highly complex tax or asset management strategies, so be aware that those do exist!

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