#43: Marketing beyond social media

Season #1

Episode 43: Marketing beyond social media

There’s a general sense among people, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners, that social media posts are the end-all, be-all of advertising. Join Josh and Garrett as they discuss what else exists!

Top 4 takeaways:

  1. Options: Social media, print, TV/youtube, radio/podcasts/direct mail (targeted mail)
  2. Social media is good at connecting the product with people’s interests. Television is great at conveying emotion but horrible at conveying information. Print is great at conveying information, and not great at conveying emotion.
  3. Just because social media is “free” doesn’t mean it’s the best option–your time is valuable!!!!
  4. Think about what mediums exist that your target audience engages with.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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