#47: Group Programs: Should I do them?

Season #1

Episode 47: Group Programs: Should I do them?

Join Josh and guest cohost Emily as they kick off a three-part series around group coaching! Today, they discuss whether group programs are the right choice for you!

Top takeaways:

  1. Who is your niche? What would their comfort level be around sharing in a group?
  2. If your group coaching is a prospecting tool, then you should start it as soon as you have a process in place.
  3. If you’re starting group coaching because you’re at capacity, you should start it 12 months before you run out of capacity (so you have time to build/market/fill the group program).
  4. If you want to offer group coaching because you can offer it at a lower price point, consider the challenge of filling a group program (tune in next week for more on that!).

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