#48: Group Programs: How do you fill them?

Season #1

#48: Group Programs: How do you fill them?

Join Josh and guest cohost Emily as they continue a three-part series around group coaching! Today, they discuss how to fill a group coaching program–with a special emphasis on how group coaching could fit in your marketing ecosystem!

Top takeaways:

  1. The timing on getting group coaching clients is much more specific than individual clients–you don’t have the luxury of allowing people to work through the funnel at their own pace.
  2. Have a limited number of spots–one group, only a few times a year, only 6 (for example) spots available. Then, if the spots all fill, you can build a waitlist.
  3. You need to consider whether your group coaching program is the end goal of the funnel or if it’s a prospecting step for your individual coaching program OR if individual coaching leads to ongoing group support.
  4. Similarities to filling an individual program: Primary questions: What are the problems my niche is facing, and how am I going to solve them?

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