#49: Group Programs: How do you run them?

Season #1

Episode 49: Group Programs: How do you run them?

Join Josh and guest cohost Emily as they finish the three-part series around group coaching! Today, they discuss how to fill a group coaching program–with a special emphasis on how group coaching could fit in your marketing ecosystem!

Top takeaways:

  1. Three formats to choose from: financial literacy classes (this is a budget), workshops (open up a budget sheet and work through it together), or accountability sessions (did you stick to your budget? If so, great! If not, let’s discuss!). Sessions could involve a combination of all three pieces.
  2. You have to stay more structured and have set topics to help you avoid tangents that may or may not be interesting to the other people in the class.
  3. Find ways to keep your clients engaged during your presentations–fill in the blank worksheets, prompts for someone to listen to, etc.

Want help building or growing a successful financial coaching business? Find resources below based on where you’re at in your journey: