#51: Sales Promotion Activities

Season #1

Episode 51: Sales Promotion Activities

Join Josh and Garrett as they discuss what sales promotion activities ARE…and how to choose which are right for you.

Top takeaways:

  1. Sales promotion is all the activities/materials/elements of what you do in your marketing that directly support sales. Advertising is indirect; sales promotion directly support–like when you’re talking to a salesperson in a store and they have a little cardboard display that directly supports the conversation.
  2. You want to support the sales in three time periods: before your conversation, during the conversation, and after the sales conversation. And they need to be different!
  3. Before: What do you want your clients to think about before your conversation? Reflect on your niche :)
    • Consider a worksheet or brochure that focuses on what problems you solve.
    • Prep them to have the ability to answer the questions that you’ll ask them in the sales conversation.
  4. During: It’s important to have visual cues. You are as much a teacher as you are a salesperson.
  5. After: Figure out what the next step is–who are they going to consult with before making the decision, who else are they going to interview, what are they thinking about after the call, etc.

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