#58: How do you handle a client being paid biweekly?

Season #1

Episode 58: How do you handle a client being paid biweekly?

Join Josh and Amelie as they discuss coaching clients with biweekly pay, including what to do with those magical three paycheck months!

Top takeaways:

  1. Josh’s ONLY (at least possibly only!) answer that isn’t “it depends!” The topic? Whether to budget biweekly pay by paycheck or budget monthly.
  2. Deciding what to do with 3rd paychecks is a FUN money conversation! Pay towards goals? Upgrade goals? Splurge on a night out?
  3. When working with a client who works on commission, figure out a baseline of “here’s how much you need to survive” and then add a second layer of “here’s your slightly more comfortable life.”

Resources mentioned this episode:

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