#61: Ongoing coaching: How do I structure it?

Season #1

Episode 61: Ongoing coaching: How do I structure it?

Josh and Amelie continue their three-part conversation about ongoing coaching. This week, they discuss how to structure ongoing coaching and transition clients into ongoing coaching.

Top takeaways:

  1. Consider offering accountability meetings (hey, I noticed X is happening in your spending, let’s discuss) or coaching meetings (going into more depth on various topics).
  2. Think about your niche and the service that you’re offering–the more change that’s happening in their lives, the more it suggests that more frequent meetings are called for.
  3. You really have to have a plan for what to talk about in each meeting in order to provide value and show clients what the value of ongoing coaching would be.
  4. Remember that typically the more you spend to automate and reduce your time spent between client sessions, the higher your hourly rate will be.

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