#62: Ongoing Coaching: How do I continue to show value?

Season #1

Episode 62: Ongoing coaching: How do I continue to show value?

Josh and Amelie complete their three-part conversation about ongoing coaching. This week, they discuss how to continue to show value.

Top takeaways:

  1. Things NOT to do:
    • Just meet and keep them to their budget.
    • Set yourself up as an unlicensed, bad therapist (whatever they show up and want to talk about is what we’ll talk about.)
    • I’ll just be available whenever something big happens.
  2. You need to have figure out what to accomplish over the course of a period of time (often a year)–how often are we meeting, what happens between sessions, what happens during the session, what happens after the sessions.
  3. As you’re planning meetings, think about big events that will be happening regularly (like tax time) and plan ahead.
  4. Think about what deliverables you’ll have at each meeting.
  5. Establish objectives for what the clients will know and when they’ll be ready to transition to less frequent meetings–or out of the program entirely.

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