#74: How do you find a VA and what can they help me do?

Season #1

Join Josh and Amelie to discuss all things VA! How do you find one, and what tasks can they help with?

Top takeaways:

  1. Start by listing all your business taxes, and then go through asking yourself, “how much do I enjoy this?” and “how good am I at this?” and “how important is this to my business?”
  2. Identify the time sucks that aren’t moving the business forward.
  3. When you first start looking for a VA, ask other business owners for VA leads.
  4. If you have a one-time project, hire an expert in that area. If you have an ongoing need, hire a VA.
  5. If the VA is going to have ANY access to any amount of client data (name, where they bank, debt levels, credit score, etc.), you need to have a legal agreement that is reviewed by an attorney.

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