#76: Throwback: What should I cover in my first client meeting?

Season #1

Join Josh and Garrett to talk about the first meeting after a client has signed up! They paid you, now you have to actually…deliver!

Note: This conversation was originally in the Financial Coaches Facebook group in late 2020, but has a lot of great info still! At one point, Garrett talks about wishing for a financial coaching software similar to financial planning software…and how Josh and Garrett were working on getting something put together for the Financial Coaches Network. If you haven’t yet, check out FCN MoneyCoach, our fancy financial coaching software (that yes, Garrett uses!).

Top takeaways:

  1. Three things to consider:
    • Where is your client at?
    • What are your expectations/what are your client’s expectations?
    • What are your next steps and what do you need to set up to make those next steps possible?
  2. You do not HAVE to collect numbers before (or even during!) the first meeting.
  3. Bonus question/answer: How long should my program be? Answer: As long as it needs to be to tackle your niche’s challenges.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Loom - super slick program for screen recording videos to talk to clients/walk them through things
  • FCN MoneyCoach - financial coaching software designed to simplify the coaching process for you and the budgeting/categorizing process for your clients!

Want help building or growing a successful financial coaching business? Find resources below based on where you’re at in your journey: