#81: Our top software recommendations

Season #1

Join Josh and Emily as they share software recommendations!!

Top recommendations:

  • Calendar - Calendly or Acuity (leaning towards Calendly having more features)
  • Payment processor - AdvicePay (included with FCN membership)
  • Website - FCN offers a customized website template plus hosting, otherwise Squarespace or Wix
  • CRM - Dubsado (but it takes a LOT to customize), Wealthbox (but will also take quite a bit of customization), or just a spreadsheet (for your first 5-6 clients)
  • Coaching/budgeting software - FCN MoneyCoach
  • Accounting software - Quickbooks
  • Email marketing software - ehhh? Nothing really stands out as better than the rest.
  • Debt management/planning software - undebt.it
  • Design software - Canva (or hire someone!)
  • Tax planning software - Holistiplan (though Josh is considering switching to FP Alpha)
  • Financial Planning software - Right Capital (though Josh is reevaluating this and may switch to eMoney)

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