#86: Let’s Talk Marketing Funnels!

Season #1

Join Josh and Emily to discuss what is marketing, what are marketing funnels, and how do you build one for your business?

Top takeaways:

  1. Marketing is all the activities a business does to satisfy the needs of consumers.
  2. A marketing funnel is an advertising campaign.
  3. The goal is to cast a wide net at the beginning of the campaign, and gradually decrease the number of people who progress through the funnel until you get to the point of having solid leads.
  4. Think about the typical journey that your client will take, and then build the funnel around that.
  5. Start with a triggering event, then think about what they’ll want to find out for themselves and build something around that.
  6. Steps of making a decision: Recognition that there’s a need, gathering info related to that need, visualize selves with need being met, verify “is this right for me?” (maybe transition to sales call here?).

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