#100: The State of Financial Coaching

Season #1

Join Josh AND Emily AND Amelie as we discuss the State of Financial Coaching! We started with a small survey of Launch members to learn about what kinds of programs various coaches use…next year, we’ll do a more detailed survey and continue sharing these results! Listen in as we look at the results and what takeaways we have that you could apply to your business as well.


Top takeaways:

  • Almost everyone has an initial program of 3 months or less; a few do 6 months.
  • People prefer shorter-term commitments.
  • Over 50% of respondents do 6 sessions–and the remaining mostly do 4-8.
  • Over 60% prioritize client goals and stresses in the first meeting; 93% do something other than “set up a budget.”
  • Past the first meeting, results begin to diversify, but tend to start clumping around “niche-specific topic” and “checking in on the budget.”
  • Josh feels VERY STRONGLY that scheduling a meeting around “whatever the client wants to discuss” is a bad idea.


Resources mentioned in the episode:


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