#103: How do I encourage clients to send me referrals?

Season #1

Join Josh and Amelie to discuss encouraging clients to send you referrals…AND legality/morality.


Top takeaways:

  • There’s no legal problems but you do lose control of communication when a client refers you, so you don’t know what the referred person is expecting.
  • Most professions/certification programs etc. have a ban on paying for referrals.
  • Introducing money into the equation can affect whether people actually send referrals or feel icky about it and don’t.
  • Stop telling people that you’re busy–it tells people that you’re too busy for more clients or that if you take on more clients, it’ll take your time away from them.
  • Casually mention to clients things that keep you busy on weekends and expansion that you’ve been doing. Keep it clear that you’re freeing up more time.


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