#127: How to answer the question, "So what do you do?"

Season #1

Josh and Emily discuss the sometimes-awkward question of “So, what do you do?” How can we answer that question in a way that actually answers the question and doesn’t lead people to assume you do things that you don’t actually do (investments, life insurance etc.)?

Top things to think about:

  • Think about the context of where you’re having the conversation.
  • Consider, “I’m a financial coach who…” or “I have a business that…” to avoid sounding sales pitchy.
  • The more specific your “I help people with…” statement is, the less salesy it sounds.
  • At a networking event, it’s hard to give any statement that will be beneficial for anything other than just meeting people because literally everyone is there to find out “are you business or can you send me business?”
  • At an industry convention, consider what differentiates you from all the other coaches/finance people there.

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