#134: New Laws that Affect Financial Coaches

Season #1

In this episode recorded on April 1, Josh and Emily discuss a new law, AB0401, the Financial Obligation Omnibus Law, that restricts what people are allowed to talk about in regards to finances, shorted to the April Fool Law…ha…ha…ha. We are actually discussing general laws around financial coaching and lawsuits around financial coaching that may lead to increased regulation.

Top things to think about

  1. The Investment Advisors Act is one thing to keep an eye on.
  2. Different states have different laws about who is required to register as an investment adviser.
  3. The more lawsuits that are brought against “financial coaches,” the more likely it is that regulation will come.
  4. FCN plans to stay on top of this and monitor things so we can help out if/when regulation happens.
  5. We will probably see potential regulation at least a year beforehand, so we’ll have some time to prepare!

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