#98: Our top software recommendations - Round 2

Season #1

Join Josh and Amelie as they continue the conversation about software recommendations that Josh and Emily started a few months ago.

Recommended resources:

  • Contracts: AdvicePay has contract signing built in. DocuSign or HelloSign (now Dropbox Sign) are other reputable signing software.
  • Document storage: For basic numbers, a basic form on your website is fine. For clients, using your coaching software that has secure document. Don’t use free software. DropBox or OneDrive could work.
  • Data gathering: Excel spreadsheet uploaded to encrypted form/folder.
  • Chat software on your website: Just don’t do it.
  • Communication: MessageWatcher
  • Course creation software: Kajabi or Teachable
  • Video creation software: Loom
  • Task management software: Amelie likes Asana or Trello; Josh thinks it should be in your CRM or coaching software.

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