#128: From the Vault - Investments to make in your business as a new financial coach

Season #1

 With the Memorial Day holiday, we’re pulling out a rerun of one of our most popular episodes! 

Join Josh and Garrett as they discuss the importance of investing in yourself and your coaching business. The most important takeaway is that the #1 thing that limits the growth of businesses is the business owner’s time!

3 key takeaways:

  1. Business finances are different from personal finances!
  2. Starting:
    • Focus on short-term wins that provide a return on monetary AND time investments.
    • Examples: minimum viable marketing, processes that allow you to NOT reinvent the wheel with every client, set up systems to prevent you from getting sued, calendar system, access to resources that provide you with support like FCN Launch or the AFCPE
  3. Going full-time:
    • marketing-related (how to get more people into your pipeline)
    • sales support (training, tech and systems/CRM, automations for follow-up)
    • things around reclaiming time (bookkeeping services, automation, VAs)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Want help building or growing a successful financial coaching business? Find resources below based on where you’re at in your journey: