#65: How can I best bootstrap my financial coaching business?

Season #1

Join Josh and Emily as they discuss bootstrapping! What NOT to invest in, what TO invest in, and make sure to check the Resources section of the show notes for all the software recs we have!

Top takeaways:

  1. Bootstrapping is the process of starting small and building things through profit from the business.
  2. If you’re going to meet people in person (many coaches don’t!), see if you can rent an office space from a local CPA, CFP, attorney, etc.
  3. Spend money on software that adds to the professional experience (Zoom, calendar software).
  4. Buy simple business cards—no one will keep it forever, but it’s a very cheap way to establish professionalism and increase the chance that people will give you a business card back.
  5. Spend money on a website. Anything that’s free is a bad idea because the free servers also have sketchy things hosted on the server so your website/email may show up lower on search etc.

Resources mentioned in this article:

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