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FCN MoneyCoach Release Notes August 2023

fcn moneycoach release notes Aug 31, 2023

The following release notes relate to:
Application Version:
SDK Version: 2.0.0 20230828



Open Banking – Transition for Over 700 New Institutions Nearly Complete!


The transition to an Open Banking connection for Jack Henry is nearly complete. See the list of institutions that have or plan to transition to Open Banking. 

 Open Banking provides several major benefits for you and your clients:

1. Security - no need for clients to share Internet Banking usernames and passwords.

2. Privacy - built-in safeguards not avoidable with previous technology. 

3. Quality – no data stoppages caused by Internet Banking changes (password or website).

4. Experience – all Open Data data flows automatically, no need to refresh credentials over and over!

With Open Banking data feeds, internet banking passwords are not required each time they log in, and clients may consent to share data for up to 365 days at a time.



Recalculate Budget function:

The function has now been restored. It enables an auto reset of the budget, for up to twelve months past transaction history.

Go to the Goals & Budget Page and click ‘Budget Options’

Choose ‘Recalculate’

Select the transaction history you want to use for the calculation and click ‘RECALCULATE’

Enhancement to Budget v Actual Report

We’ve added a ‘cumulative chart’ option to this report. Clients will effectively be able to see how much they have left to spend in a selected time period.

Alerts System:

We’ve made several enhancements and fixes to the Alerts system. Some conditions were preventing the alert emails from being sent – this has been fixed and improved. In addition, the available smart-tags (configurable wording) in emailed alerts has been extended and the alert conditions for being ‘over budget’, ‘over category’ and ‘over category group’ have been updated so that they send much more reliably.

Performance fixes

Yet more improvements have been made to performance and user experience in August with some further optimization of background processing that affected Dashboard load times. We continue to identify performance bottlenecks and rectify them where we can. We also made more general improvements to the speed of several standard reports.

If you would like more detail on this or previous fixes, please get in touch with MoneyCoach Support or contact your Account Manager.