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FCN MoneyCoach Release Notes June 2022

fcn moneycoach release notes Jun 30, 2022

The following release notes relate to:
Version: 3.0.17 20220624 and
SDK Version: 2.0.0 20220624


ENHANCEMENT – Health Check Report available for ‘Cash Flow Pro’ Users

The Financial Health Check questionnaire and report was designed as a quick and easy way to collect useful information from clients around their household finances. Previously this was only available for ‘Wealth Track’ users, we have now made this available to ‘Cash Flow Pro’ users as well. The questionnaire, if enabled, can now be accessed by users in the dashboard reports area.


Once the questionnaire is completed it will generate a Health Check report which will provides a score across four areas (Banking Structure, Budgeting, Balance Sheet and Benchmark Savings rate) as well as any specific areas or improvements to focus on.


ENHANCEMENT – Budget vs Actual Report display

 We have improved the Budget vs Actual Report by making it clearer when users are over their budgeted expenses, or under budgeted Income, by displaying those items in red. This will make it easier to quickly identify those categories that were outside the budget for the selected reporting period.



ENHANCEMENT – Budget Calendar editing “always on”

Further to the enhancement where we removed the requirement for a financial account to be linked, to be able to create a budget we have now extended this to the calendar. This change means you can now create and set a budget including adding any scheduled budgeted items to the calendar without the need for a financial account to be linked.


NEW - Option to ‘Deactivate’ Fact Find

We have added in the functionality to be able to deactivate the Fact Find for ‘Wealth Track’ and ‘Cash Flow Pro’ users. This means you can now use the digital Fact Find for initial data collection and then deactivate once this information is recorded or synced across to a third-party software such as Xplan or Midwinter.

To deactivate the Fact Find for a user, if you login into the adviser dashboard and select the menu option for that user, you will now see the option to ‘Deactivate Fact Find’ where the Fact Find has previously been enabled for that user.



BUG FIX – No more auto-log out!

We finally managed to find the “auto log-out” phantom that has been haunting some of you for quite a while now. It turns out this only occurred when logged in as an Adviser and impersonating multiple client accounts. As such, we have made an improvement to the way that the auto-logout timer keeps track of the multiple user sessions when impersonation is occurring. In very simple terms, the tracker was not being reset properly when switching back-and-forth between users during impersonation, and in some cases this would cause and unexpected log out from the software. We’ve found it and fixed it!


Other Fixes and Enhancements

A list of fixes and enhancements that have also been included in the latest software release are included below – if you would like more detail on any of these, please get in touch with MoneyCoach Support or your Account Manager:


  • Fixed an error in which goal editing became ‘locked’ in specific situations.
  • Improved the wording in the ‘Account Error’ Alert notification to make it clearer how users can view and fix their account errors.
  • Fixed an error in which the categories were not in order in the Budget Snapshot Report.
  • Fixed an error where the profile percentage was not displaying in the admin/adviser dashboard
  • Added a pop-up message when a client is ‘deleted’ or ‘removed’ from a business account to let the user know the action has been successfully completed.