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FCN MoneyCoach Release Notes May 2022

fcn moneycoach release notes May 31, 2022

The following release notes relate to:
Version: 3.0.16 20220518 and
SDK Version: 2.0.0 20220518


Budget ‘Net Summary’ tile enhancement

The Budget ‘Net Summary’ tile is a great tool to be able to determine whether a client has available cash flow to achieve any goals that are setup within their account.

However, in recognizing that not all goals are being funded from the client’s regular budget and cash flow (e.g. Superannuation goals) we have now added an option so that any goal can be excluded from the Budget Net Summary tile.

This now means only the ‘minimum monthly contribution amount required’ for relevant goals will be included for the purpose of calculating the required monthly budget surplus and not all goal contribution amounts to achieve a more realistic client position.

To exclude a goal from the Net Summary tile, you can select the “Exclude from Net Summary” option when creating or editing a goal.



MoneyCoach Sample Accounts now available

Due to a number of customer requests, we have added back the MoneyCoach ‘Sample’ data accounts.

The sample accounts can be linked in the MoneyCoach ‘Demo’ client (or any user) for the purposes of showcasing the software to clients with sample data. When the ‘Sample’ account is activated and linked, it will retrieve up to date transactions and allow you to generate reports using current data and information.

To get the up-to-date sample data, you need to follow the usual process for linking a financial account but search for ‘Sample’ in the institution field and then link the MoneyCoach sample accounts. There are two types of sample accounts which include Bank and Loans and a good sample set of transactions.


Adviser accounts can now be deleted

MoneyCoach account Administrators now have the option to self-serve and ‘Delete’ an Adviser registered account if an Adviser or Support Staff leaves the business or no longer requires access. 

The delete option can be found by logging in as the Administrator, navigating to the ‘Individual Advisers’ tab and clicking on the menu icon for that adviser that you would like to delete.


Note: Any clients assigned to that adviser will need to either be assigned to another adviser or deleted/removed before the adviser account can be deleted.


Performance – Generate and Download Report Improvements

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve user experience, we have introduced a real-time application performance monitoring system. This has already helped us identify some major performance improvements and will continue to take advantage of the benefits of this with performance updates for all out customers.


In this release, we have made an improvement to the way the Account Balance report is generated. This has reduced the time it takes to generate and download an Account Balance report from several minutes (in some cases) to less than 20 seconds. As we continue to focus on optimization of the software, there will be more improvements to overall speed and performance to come in future releases!


Other Fixes and Enhancements

A list of fixes and enhancements that have also been included in the latest software release are included below – if you would like more detail on any of these, please get in touch with MoneyCoach Support or your Account Manager:


  • Removed the requirement that ‘Notes’ require an entry in the text to be deleted
  • Corrected an issue where the goal ‘progress bar’ was displaying the incorrect completion percentage for ‘Debt’ goals
  • Fixed an issue where events in the budget calendar were displaying the incorrect day caused by daylight saving time differences.
  • Removed the ‘Attachment’ Icon displayed in OTHER ACCOUNTS where there are no attachments against an account
  • Fixed a minor issue where the incorrect transaction page was loading when searching through previous transaction pages and then filtering transactions